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We are nearing the end of summer, and check-up season is in full swing.  We take this opportunity to stress the need for an annual exam with your primary care pediatrician.  Even if it is not a sentinel vaccine year, these visits are crucial to monitor hearing and vision, monitor blood pressure, assess need for vaccinations, monitor for anemia and cholesterol issues, as well as pick- up on evolving medical problems (new heart murmurs, chronic ear infections, scoliosis, etc.). In addition, these well visits are important opportunities to address social, emotional, and academic well- being.  We are dedicated to being quarterback of your child’s health and we believe strongly that we provide the best and most comprehensive medical care for your child.

There are a myriad of “fast options” here in Atlanta when it comes to medical care (Minute Clinics, Urgent Cares, telemedicine).   10% of US children have used a retail based clinic, of that 70% are likely to return.  They market themselves as time saving and cost effective.  Retail based Clinics are touted as being a “fill in” healthcare option when your pediatrician/provider is not available, or you are out of town.  In 2014 the American Academy of Pediatrics came out with a policy statement which strongly feels the utilization of these clinics “fragments healthcare and do not support a medical home”.   Hopefully, notes are being faxed to your provider regarding diagnosis or plan but this is not always the case.  Most clinics are run by PA’s and NPs who do not specialize in pediatric care.   In addition, there is no after- hours availability if your child’s condition changes after being seen at a retail based clinic. 

Studies show that appointment wait time is the most important factor in choosing a retail based clinic over primary care.  At Peachtree Park, we know your time is valuable. We have implemented changes and continue to evolve as the needs of our patients and their families evolve.  We have standard Saturday same day sick hours, we have a new pediatrician, Dr. Winn, joining us in August, we have some providers who see patients for early A.M. visits and we are considering extended office hours on some days early next year.  Should your child need to be seen urgently, but not for an emergency, we do recommend the Urgent Care facility: Kids Time Pediatrics.  They are an urgent care staffed by pediatricians and have various locations throughout the metro-Atlanta area.  The closest location to our office is the location in Sandy Springs.  They have hours 7 days a week, later on weeknights and on weekends, to fill the void when our office is closed.

We are hopeful that our relationship in taking care of your child is a long one.  We are also hopeful you see the value in coming to our office for both well and sick visits.  We know that situations arise and sometimes you are stuck choosing between a retail based clinic or anEmergency Room, and that’s ok.   We hope to see you for your annual well visit and any concerns that may arise along the way.



 Employee Spotlight


Suzy Feakes

Operations Project Manager

Suzy has been with Peachtree Park Pediatrics for just over 1 year.

Here are some fun facts about her:

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Family/Pets: Maddie, a six-year-old Chihuahua/Yorkie
Hobbies: Hiking, Kayaking, Caving, Tennis, Camping, Studying Healthcare, Cooking
Favorite Food: Lobster Mac and Cheese…. or any Mac and Cheese really!
Favorite Holiday and why: Christmas – I love getting to spend time with all of my relatives, decorating the house, shopping and wrapping presents for my friends and family, midnight Christmas services singing Silent Night by candle light, and the anticipation of Santa coming!
Favorite grade in school and why: Graduate School has been my favorite – I feel that I can apply what I’m learning in the classroom to my job
3 words to describe you: Diligent, Ambitious, Quick-Witted
Favorite Vacation Destination: Every quarter my friends from back in Missouri meet me in Nashville, TN to catch-up for a long weekend – it’s quickly become one of my favorite cities
Favorite Atlanta Restaurant: Sundial – you couldn’t ask for a better view of the city!
What is the thing you enjoy the most about your job?: The overall environment – everyone in the office loves their job and is truly dedicated to what they are doing every day! It makes it easy to come to work ♥ 



Leandro De Godi Mendes Silva

Registered Nurse

Leandro has been with Peachtree Park Pediatrics for just over 1 year.

Here are some fun facts about him:
Hometown: São Paulo/Brazil
Family/Pets: Estuardo (my lovely partner/spouse), Kiddo (4 year old Labrador/Shar-Pei), Toby (7 month old American Bulldog Mix)
Hobbies: Volleyball
Favorite Food: Brazilian Barbecue 
Favorite Grade in School and Why:
My last year in college (I was so grateful and relieved!)
2 Words to Describe You:
Honest, Friendly
Favorite Movie:
A Beautiful Mind (with Russell Crowe)
What do you enjoy most about your job?:
The environment (I love the partnership we have)



"At Peachtree Park Pediatrics, we strive to deliver the finest scientific-based medical care to our infant, children and young adult patients in a warm, family-friendly environment. We are dedicated to establishing close relationships with our patients and their families in order to provide comprehensive care"



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