Achieving Balance In an Out of Balance World

Dr. Vegas' Monthly Blog
by H.L. Greenberg, M.D.

How does one find balance in an out of balance world?  Living a life of balance requires careful planning, and a mindset to engage in activities, which will add to overall happiness.  Having a list of goals and a purpose (Victor Frankl writes, “a big enough why”) is the key to living a successful life.  If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve than you won’t understand why you feel unfulfilled despite outward success.  As a now established physician in the Las Vegas community, I can see how the hard work I put in early on- such as:  introducing myself to physicians, attending chamber of commerce events, handing out cards to everyone I met, and speaking at multiple local groups has translated to increased business.  I have been on the cover of two national industry specific magazines (MedEsthetics & The Dermatologist) in 2 years, spoken at national and international dermatology and multi-specialty meetings, had multiple articles published, hosted skin cancer screenings and have built up a solid personal and professional network in Las Vegas.  I am just now, after 10 years of being in practice, seeing my labors bear fruit.  Las Vegas Dermatology has become a premier practice and industry leader because of the hard work and efforts put forth by my team and me.

Physical health is important, without it, we have nothing.  I purposefully schedule time to work out every morning by some combination of stretching, running and lifting.  Maintaining balance and being held accountable for business and life choices is also important, so I meet with a business and life coach once a week.  All work and no play is no way to live, so I like to take advantage of the great entertainment Las Vegas has to offer by visiting the strip every other week for a show or dinner.  Are you wasting valuable time when you could be learning or making your life better?  The next time you get in the car or are on your commute, before you turn on the news or use your hands free device to make a phone call, consider listening to a podcast.  Tony Robbins has always been a hero to me, and he has a great podcast about self-fulfillment, goal setting and personal power  Lately, though, I’ve been listening to the, “One Way Ticket Show” by Steven Shalowitz- it’s allowed me the opportunity to listen to educated, well thought out and well-traveled professors, TV personalities, global leaders and artists.  Steven’s podcast has inspired me to better plan out my next vacation and has opened my eyes to the world around me.  I do not have the market cornered on living a balanced life, but I do know that if I don’t strive to achieve balance, I will focus on whatever task is in front of me and will settle for whatever life gives me.  We owe it to our community and each other to be our very best selves.


Custom Contour

by Kasie Palmer, P.A.

If you put multiple individuals side by side who are in different stages in their lives you will notice consistent cosmetic facial changes related to the aging process.  One area that becomes particularly noticeable is the mid face where the fat pads in the cheek area start to shrink, causing a hollow or sunken appearance.  This mid face fat pad sunken appearance can also accentuate the nasolabial folds (lines that deepen with smiling between upper lip and nose), because there isn't as much support from the cheek.  Voluma is a hyaluronic based filler made by Allergan that addresses this mid face trouble area.  A filler that is indicated for injection in the mid face to reconstruct the volume that has been lost, Voluma gives a more defined cheekbone which achieves the goal of appearing more youthful and rested.  The number of syringes needed depends on the individual, and what they are trying to achieve.  The filler lasts 18-24 months, and is very natural appearing.  When injected correctly, Voluma should not be blatantly obvious to those around you that you've had anything done.  You should look like a better, more youthful version of yourself.  I usually suggest to my patients who are using fillers for antiaging purposes to start with Voluma and address the midface volume loss first, and in return this can soften the appearance of the lower face.  In using Voluma, patients may not need as much Juvederm surrounding the mouth.  Younger patients can also benefit from Voluma.  In younger patients there may not be as much shrinkage or hollowing in the cheeks, but adding filler in this area can give the appearance of a higher, more defined cheek bone without all the hassle of makeup and contouring.  Voluma is a relatively painless procedure, and is much more cost effective than many plastic surgery procedures.  Come in to discuss your concerns, and we can create a custom treatment plan to achieve your beauty goals.



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