Happy New Year!


       Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you from all of us at    Fox Gentle Dentistry. We appreciate each of you and the friendships, smiles, and trust you share with us daily and all year round.

     As this year comes to a close and we await the New Year, I find myself focusing on the word "HOPE". This year had highs and lows for so many and certainly ran a tumultuous course.  I think we really need to focus more on our many blessings this past year and on the hope for the new year.

     I like to use acronyms to jog my memory for key phrases and words. My acronym for the definition of "hope" is the following:                          Having an

Optimistic attitude and

Perserverance in the pursuit of joy, peace and wisdom; as we eagerly await with confidence

Expectation for the good which is to come.

     Hope is not static or passive. It is active and dynamic. It requires faith, trust and action. Fear and division have no place in hope. The rewards of hope are strength, courage, joy and peace.

     We are called to live with purpose and to encourage each other. So much good can be done when we lift each other up with encouragement and hope. It is my wish that we can give hope to the people we encounter each day. Some of us meet with a few people each day, others will have more opportunities. Whatever your situation, you can be the positive influence for hope. We all can be empathy and hope givers whether we give a smile, hug, share tears or laughter, or lend a listening ear.

     Let's start being intentional with hope now and in the new year to see what a difference it can make for us and for others. Our best wishes to you for a Blessed Christmas, holiday season, and a Hope-filled New Year!


Dr.Lanae Fox, Michele, Sheri, Carrie & Vica

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