March 31, 2020
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In this issue of our newsletter:

An important message about oral cancer from the

American Dental Association

Now precancerous cells can be detected-years before oral cancer can start. See your dentist regularly and ask about a brush test for oral spots.


What You Can Expect as Part of Your Routine Exam:

  • Your dentist and hygienist look for spots in your mouth.
  • If a spot is observed, your dentist may recommend further testing.
  • A brush test sample is then sent for computer-assisted laboratory analysis.
  • Even if a lab identifies abnormal cells, they can typically be removed-years before they can harm you.


If a brush test finds unhealthy cells, they can typically be removed, years before they can penetrate the basement membrane and become oral cancer.


What you should know:

1. Most People Will Have

tiny white or red spots in their mouth at one time or another.

2. See your Dentist Regularly

for a thorough oral exam.  Although the vast majority of these spots do not contain unhealthy cells, your dentist may recommend further testing.

3. Even If A Lab Identifies

abnormal cells, they can then typically be removed-years before they can harm you.


For more information please visit

ADA American Dental Association

America’s leading advocate for oral health


The OralCDx brand of brush test is an adjunct to the professional oral examination in the early detection of oral precancer.  This test is not a substitute for a scalpel biopsy which should continue to be utilized to evaluate suspicious oral lesions.  The ADA has no financial interest in this product.  This brochure is part of an educational programs supported by a grant from Oral Cancer Prevention International, Inc, provider of the ORalCDx brand of brush test.  For more information please visit

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