March 31, 2020
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Angular Chelitis 

 Often mistaken for cold sores, this condition is actually a common fungal infection!

  • Cause- Fungus,Fissured lesions in the corners of the mouth are caused by a mixed infection of the microorganisms, Candida albicans,staphylococci and streptococci.Candida albicans,which is responsible for the most forms of intraoral fungal (YEAST) infections.
  • Characteristics- Cracked fissures appear at the ocrners of the mouth.Tender tissues  are often surrounded by flaky skin.Infection is mild to moderately painful depending on severity.
  • Triggers-Deep folds at corners of the mouth due to bite collapse, dentures, etc predispose infections but are not necessary.Opportunistic infection occurs when skin fissures due to trauma, weather, habits and the like.Reduce oral immunity due to illness, diabetes, medications, HIV,etc.can condition is often aggravated by patient licking lips attempting to soothe symptoms, inoculating the lesion with even more fungus!
  • Treatment- Anti fungal/ anti-inflammatory ointment(Mycolog II) quite effective, healing occurs in a few days. Patient must learn not to lick lips when corners crack, avoiding inoculation. Denture wearers often benefits from a new denture,which can open the bite thus eliminating the folds at the corners of the mouth.In addition, using laser treatment with defocused energy has been shown to help the healing process.

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