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Dear Parents, we hope you've been enjoying the summer months and find this newsletter useful for you and your family!



Back to school tips from Peachtree Park Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)


Staying healthy

-Washing hands frequently throughout the day can help decrease the spread of germs at school

-If your child has a cold, encourage covering a cough or sneeze to help reduce germ spread

-If your child has a fever (100.5F and up) keep them home from school until they are fever free for at least 12 to 24 hours


A balanced diet

-Eating a healthy breakfast before school can help increase energy levels and focus while at school

-Packing a lunch can ensure your child is eating a nutritious lunch and is often less expensive than buying lunch at school

-Encourage drinking water over sugary beverages such as soda, sports drinks, lemonade, and sweet tea


Sleep hygiene

-Children ages 5-12 often need more than 10 hours per night, while adolescents ages 12-18 typically need over 8 hours per night

-Agree to a reasonable bedtime and start a few nights before the first day of school

-Avoid screens of all types 30-60 minutes before desired bedtime

-Reading and listening to music can be ways to help relax without screens before bedtime


Social media

-Currently, at least 76% of teenagers use at least 1 social media site

-Consider making dinner an opportunity for “no phone time”

-Create an open communication for children to feel comfortable if they are experiencing bullying at school or online


Backpack use

-Make sure the heaviest items are closer to the back and that your child is wearing both straps

-Weight of backpack should be no more than 10 to 20% of your child’s weight


Easing the stress of back to school

-Meeting the year’s teachers can set expectations and discuss any existing medical conditions, learning disabilities, etc

-Rehearsing the routes to classrooms, cafeteria, and playground can help reduce anxiety from getting lost or unfamiliar surroundings

-If your child seems nervous, remind them that most children are nervous about going back to school and offer words of encouragement




 Employee Spotlight


Amber Bell

Service Representative

Amber has been with Peachtree Park Pediatrics since November 2017. She worked the front desk and then has transitioned to the "Forms Coordinator" this spring.She is also a Medical Assistant.

Here are some fun facts about her:

Hometown: Staunton, VA
Hobbies: Dancing and outings with my children (she recently went camping for the 1st time!)
Favorite Food: Seafood
Family/Pets: 3 boys (10yr old twins,& 7) and 1 girl (3yr old)
Favorite school grade: 9th grade- I met a life long best friend!
3 words to describe you: Caring, outgoing, fun
What is the thing you enjoy the most about your job?: I enjoy interacting with the patients. Peachtree Park is a great place to be employed, it doesn't feel like work. 



Monique Green

Licensed Practical Nurse

Monique has been with Peachtree Park Pediatrics since November 2017.

Here are some fun facts about her:

Hometown: Greensboro, FL
Family/Pets: 3 children ranging in ages from 8yrs to 19yrs old
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Holiday: 
Christmas - the one holiday I get to sepnd with all my family
3 Words to Describe You:
Honest, loyal, loving
Favorite Vacation Destination: Miami/S Beach
Favorite Restaurant:
Atlanta CrabPot
What do you enjoy most about your job?:
Working with an awesome crew and playing with the kiddos!!


"At Peachtree Park Pediatrics, we strive to deliver the finest scientific-based medical care to our infant, children and young adult patients in a warm, family-friendly environment. We are dedicated to establishing close relationships with our patients and their families in order to provide comprehensive care"



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