March 31, 2020
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 From  Fit for Life By Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

 Q: It seems that on this type of diet I wouldn’t need to take any vitamin and mineral supplements.  Is that true?

A:  Absolutely!  The controversy of whether or not supplements are necessary could fill a book of its own.  How did we manage for centuries without them?  The manufacture and sale of these supplements is one of the ten largest businesses in the United States.  Supplement sales now generate two billion dollars a year!  I wonder to what extent some of the claims one hears are commercially motivated.  

In terms of your health there is a long list of experts in the field of nutrition, both inside and outside the medical community, who are expressing grave concerns over the health threat emerging from taking vitamin and mineral supplements.  Dr. Myron Winick the director of the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University indicates that some old standby vitamins long considered totally innocuous are producing medical problems, including nerve damage, mild intestinal distress, and fatal liver damage (reported in the Los Angeles Times, December 20, 1983).  

Our actual need for vitamins and minerals has been grossly exaggerated.  The amount of vitamins necessary for the human body for a full year would not even fill a thimble.  And that is the RDA (recommended daily allowance), which is twice what our actual needs are.  These statements may sound shocking, but they are the facts.  Every vitamin and mineral necessary for your body can be found in abundance in fruits and vegetables.  The body has such a small requirement for these elements that even if you ate only a small amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, you would be meeting your requirements.  This program is designed to incorporate into your diet more than ample amounts of what you need, in their purest, most easily absorbable form.  Nothing is of the quality that is found in fruits and vegetables, notwithstanding some of the advertising claims boasting that their product is 100 percent natural.  Being 100 percent would mean as it was created by nature.  I personally have never seen a vitamin or mineral pill tree.

Man-made supplements are simply not what was intended for the human body.  In the process of extracting and fractionating elements, they are rendered worthlessVitamin supplements become toxic in the body.  The body can most efficiently use vitamins and minerals that are consumed along with all the other constituents of any given food.  Once removed and isolated, vitamins lose their value.  And synthesized vitamins are virtually worthless.  Right now technology exists that can create a grain of wheat in the laboratory.  Every chemical component can be duplicated and made into a grain of wheat.  But if it’s put into the ground, it won’t grow.  Yet grains of wheat taken from tombs that are four thousand years old will sprout if put into the ground!  There is a very subtle ingredient missing in the synthesized wheat: life force!  This same ingredient is also missing in synthesized vitamins and mineralsWorse than being worthless, these products are treated as toxic waste in the body.  Our goal is always to eliminate toxic waste, not produce more.

The body also has what is called the law of minimum.  In order words, once the vitamin and mineral requirements are met, any more must be eliminated as excess. If you had a small glass and a pitcher full of juice, you could fill the glass only to the brim.  If you continue to pour, you will only waste the juice as it overflows the glass.  That is precisely how it works when there are more vitamins and minerals in the body than it has a need for.  Again the excess is treated as toxic waste and usurps your precious energy as the body tries to rid itself of it.  This places a heavy burden on the liver and the kidneys in the process.  When you take supplements, they will always be in excess unless you are on the most devitalized, processed, denatured diet imaginable.  The eating life-style laid out in FIT FOR LIFE is most assuredly brimming over with all the vitamins and minerals you will need.  Health has to be earned.  Health is produced by healthful living.  It can’t be purchased in a bottle.  So, save your energy...and your money.  

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