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September 2016

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What's new for you?

What is your Dental Implant IQ?;

Dr Gravino and Krystal attended the Spear Center in June.

The course -  "Mastering Temporizing and Restoring Dental Implants with Cerec Technology " gave them even more advanced knowledge to share with you!

Our Cerec technology is an in-office digitally created porcelain crown design with placement the same day.  Dr. Nick is able to design hybrid porcelain abutments that provide continuity in color with the implant supported crown.  Our focus is on our patient's comfort beginning with tooth removal through partnering with a periodontist or oral surgeon; the healing process; and, finishing with a clinically designed restoration for your beautiful smile done right!



~Hygiene Highlights~
Sarah and Brenda


 If you take an antibiotic prior to your dental appointment- you may be interested to know....

Probiotics contained in food that host live bacterium may help stimulate the natural digestive juices and enzymes that keep digestive organs functioning properly. Antibiotics are known to disrupt that normal intestinal flora.  Probiotics introduce friendly bacteria that repopulate the gut with good bacteria - click here to find out the top foods that contain Probiotics! According to microbiologists,  it is best to take live culture Probiotics on a full stomach.
When antibiotics are prescribed, take 2 hours before or 2 hours after ingesting probiotics to maximize their efficiency.


Medical Marijuana and your Oral Health

Ohio's medical marijuana law goes into effect on September 8th.  Looking ahead, our hygienist researched some interesting information about the substance and how it effects gum tissue. There have been studies that suggest that marijuana harms the oral cavity.  Tobacco is already known to raise the risk of periodontal disease.

Findings indicate:

  • marijuana users may have triple the risk of periodontal disease.
  • Higher incidence of mouth cancer due to the higher concentration of cancer-producing ingredients. Smokers typically hold the smoke in the lungs and mouth for longer periods of time, increasing the effects on the mucous lining in the mouth and exposure to the cancer-causing agents.
  • Marijuana can lead to higher incidences of caries, and it can cause cotton-mouth or xerostomia.

Check in with Sarah and Brenda for assistance with your home care to avoid the consequences that marijuana use has on your oral health.


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