March 31, 2020
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Reasons to Drink Two 8oz Glasses of Water with a Whole Lemon Each Day

( First thing in the morning and Last thing at night)

The lemon has so many health benefits, it offers easy to prepare remedies for a host of ailments such as colds, chills, headaches, coughs, flus, Influenza to mention just a few of the better-known recipes.

It is probably the only fruit which you will find in bars around the world - and there is a reason - its health-restoring and preserving qualities have been known for millennia.

It is also a marvelous antacid - a long-term antacid rather than the short-term varieties found in supermarkets. The citric acid in lemon quickly changes an acid condition into an alkaline one thus dealing with the foundational cause of an acidity rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

Lemons also contain a large amount of fruit calcium which supplies bones, teeth, and nervous system with easy to assimilate calcium - their basic nourishment.

It contains phosphorus and one of its greatest properties is its ability to "digest" proteins when put on meat, poultry, fish, beans and eggs.

The sustained demand for information on the extensive uses of the versatile and vibrant Lemon, Citrus Limon, has inspired the “The Miracle of the Lemon ebook”.

How to get the benefits of the Lemon

Perhaps the easiest way to get the lemon's goodness into you is to drink the juice (mixed with water is the best way). A morning glass of water with the juice of a lemon will not only change your day but also, when sustained, change your life.  many conditions caused by toxic buildup such as arthritis, rheumatism.

Fights Infection

Lemon is very effective in combating infections, especially in the throat as it also has antibacterial properties. For sore throat, dilute one-half with one-half water and Gargling with a 50/50 mixture of water and lemon juice frequently will get rid of many throat conditions swiftly.

Digestion improvements

Lemon juice in warm (body-temperature) water relieves queasiness, heartburn, heartburn, bloating and gas. Your bowels work better and eliminate waste more efficiently eliminating constipation. Lemon's blood purification and liver tonic properties also help you digest more efficiently by helping your liver produce more bile.

Aids Weight Loss

Drinking lemon water helps you shed losing weight faster by reducing the desire to eat as well as helping to breakdown and eliminate body fat.

Eliminates Winter Blues

Lemon water is wonderful in cases of flu, fever and colds.

Skin improvements

Lemon is a natural antiseptic which can quickly deal with dermatological problems and conditions. Lemon's high vitamin C content vitalizes your skin (as well as the rest of you) making it glow and enhancing your beauty. It is an ancient remedy for remove wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Dental improvements

Lemon water can help with toothache, reduce bleeding of gums, mouth odors and other oral problems.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Lemon's high potassium content is a great help in normalizing blood pressure and drinking it can also contribute to reducing stress and anxiety.

Here are some more of Lemon's miraculous benefits

The Lemon DeTox Drink

Lemons are the key ingredient in a very popular and effective detox drink for detoxing your system and losing weight. The Lemon Cholesterol Cleanse

The Lemon is central to an effective and side-effect-free remedy for high levels of cholesterol in the body.

Plaque in the arteries is a major cause of cardiovascular problems as it restricts the blood flow. The lemon and garlic cleanse takes about 6 weeks using a simple recipe and will dissolve plaque within the body. In so many cases, once the plaque begins to disappear, heart surgery is not needed.

Excessive plaque deposits can have many side affects, sight and hearing can become significantly impaired for example. These side-effects will be reduced with the lemon cholesterol cleanse and - if sustained, the cleanse will eradicate the plaque and it's side-effects.

I recommend this cheap, safe and therapeutic course of treatment be repeated once a year.

Even more benefits and uses of lemons and lemon juice:


Chills and fevers may be due to a variety of causes, never the less the lemon is always a helpful remedy. Here is a method that works well. The juice of one lemon is to be added to a cup of hot water with honey and drunk at once every 2 hours till fever or chill subsides.


Lemon juice with a few teaspoons of hot tea added is the treatment of a sophisticated New York bartender, for those who suffer with hangover headaches and from headaches due to many other causes mainly caused due to an over acid condition. He converts his customers to this regime, and weans them away from drug remedies completely.


Many women, men, and children who lack endurance are low in calcium supply. It is then that the lemon cocktail taken twice daily for 30 days changes the body chemistry, giving greater strength, improvement of memory, and endurance, as well as complexion. The lemon cocktail consists of lemon juice, powdered milk, and honey shaken in a cocktail shaker or blended.


Long distance walkers and world travelers as well as explorers look upon the lemon as a Godsend. When fatigue begins, a lemon is sucked through a hole in the top. It is a quick acting medicine, giving almost unbelievable refreshment. Explorers use lemon for protection against many infections of the tropics. A small amount of lemon juice will quench thirst more effectively than many times the amount of water. Experienced travelers declare that when they add lemon juice to ordinary drinking water, in various localities, it acts as an antiseptic and prevents illness due to allergy toward different water supplies.


Roasted lemons - roasted until they crack open - are given to cough and cold sufferers of all ages, and with marked success.

When the lemon cracks open, the juice, with brown sugar and fresh pineapple juice, is given to the person who will feel immediate relief.

The pineapple adds its powerful "digestive" enzymes to those of the lemon, for disintegrating the mucous in the throat.

The lemon is one of the speediest acting enemies against germs. Industrial surgeons have used lemon in cases of infection due to injury, with marked success. Harley Street, specialists in London, gives the children of royalty, lemon and honey for sore throat. Many people who have spent fortunes on stubborn forms of eczema have been led to the homely lemon when all their money was gone, to find the condition soon leaves them, and stays away, too.


Not only is the lemon a local antiseptic for offensive breath, but as an internal alkalizer. Screen and dramatic stars drink lemon juice drinks sweetened with a little honey, 2-3 times daily to guarantee sweet breath. LEMON IS A FORMIDABLE ENEMY IN THESE CONDITIONS. How many people are terrified by the sight of infectious erysipelas! Poultices made from lemon juice have been producers of magic relief after other powerful drugs have proved useless.


Lemon juice makes a delightful dentifrice all by itself. Toothbrushes immersed in lemon juice, diluted with water, remain clean, as well as do the teeth.


Diluted lemon juice makes a safe and sane method of vaginal hygiene. Though it is a powerful antiseptic it is nevertheless free from irritating drugs in douches and suppositories.


People who have ear, nose, and throat problems have had incredible results by eliminating catarrh with lemon juice treatment. Stubborn catarrh cases are helped with a teaspoonful of olive oil with a teaspoon of lemon juice gradually added and with an eye dropper allowed to trickle through each nostril or put into the ears each day or as a preventative each week for cleansing and tonic properties.

Tiny amounts of lemon juice and olive oil are added to baby food at weaning time, and increased with the age of the child. This method is said to prevent ordinary children's diseases, through its peculiar immunity giving qualities.

Constipation is treated with inner and outer supplies of lemon juice and olive oil. Four time's daily egg cups of olive oil and lemon juice are taken. The body is massaged 3 times weekly with lemon juice and oil.

Adenoids are treated with diluted lemon juice used in a nasal syringe in a gentle, trickling manner.

In arthritis, lemon juice and oil are gently massaged into the joints after patient has been made warm in a hot bath, or blanket bath in bed.

Lemon pulp poultices are freely used for boils, abscesses, and skin eruptions generally. Juice is of course used internally also.

In bronchitis, lemon and oil are used as a gargle, and also as an exterior massage for throat and chest.

In cirrhosis of the liver, as many as a dozen lemons are used daily with a starch free diet, heavily supplied with fruits such as raisins, oranges, pineapples, etc. Striking results are said to be experienced by sufferers of colitis, with a massage of the abdomen twice daily (while lying down) with lemon juice and oil.

In diarrhoea, apple pulp and lemon juice for both young and old. In eczema, lemon juice and raw pineapple juice are applied every hour, and with a starchless diet, until condition is cured. Influenza, headache, and indigestion are treated with increasing amounts of lemon juice inwardly and outwardly. In treatment of jaundice, lemon juice is combined with carrot juice.

Results in the treatment of lack of motivation, mental disorders and neurasthenia with olive oil and lemon juice have been very beneficial. 1 Tablespoon olive oil and the juice of 1 lemon juice 2 xs per day. The beneficial calcium, usually low in neurasthenia, is supplied with the nerve nourishing properties of olive oil, to give zest to a patients diet. Daily massage of lemon juice and olive oil is excellent too.

Age spots and freckles become lightened with the application of lemon juice.

The treatment of piles has been markedly successful. The diet is dry for a day. No water is used - only fruits and vegetables. At night a small teacup of warm olive oil and lemon juice, equal parts, is very gently inserted rectally--and retained. I have found a clove of peeled garlic let stand for 5 minutes in olive oil so it won't burn the anus works incredibly well. Insert in the anus and leave at night. Usually the pile has gone back inside by the morning.

From Middle Path's The Miracle of the Lemon

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