March 31, 2020
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 From Frontier Pharmaceutical Inc.

DioxiRinse Mouthwash



15 Second Miracle

Most complete bacteria and odor remover


The Active System for Odor and Bacteria Removal… on Contact!

A Daily Sysyem for Maintaining Optimal Oral Health

Does in Seconds What Other Products Can’t!

Oral Health is Important!

“Studies suggest that people who have gum disease are at higher risk for heart attack and other systemic diseases”

8 out of 10

People suffer from gum disease.

A New Level of Oral Hygiene

DioxiRinse contains DioxiCare-Active Chlorine Dioxi, the fastest neutralizer of germs and odors.

How does it work?

It’s a gas!

  • Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) is a gas released by the patented DioxiCare System.
  • Because it is a small molecule as well as a gas, CIO2 penetrates sockets and spaces between teeth.
  • CIO2 begins immediately to neutralize odors and oxidize, virus and yeast.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is a condition affecting over 80 million Americans. Temporary malodor, or the more persistent condition known as halitosis, can be caused by certain goods or systemic disease, but more often is due to poor oral hygiene or gum disease.

The warm moist environment of the mouth, with many hidden spaces, is richly populated with more than 500 different types of bacteria.  These microorganisms feed on leftover food particles and naturally occurring sulfur containing proteins. Bacteria digest these proteins, which in turn produce the familiar rotten egg smelling gases known as volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs).

How can This Condition Be Improved?

Bad breath can usually be avoided by proper dental care.  This includes brushing and mouth rinsing---preferably with an oxidizing product such as DioxiRinse.  Why use an oxidizing agent?  Because this process combats bad breath using 3 separate mechanisms:

1. eliminates existing odors (VSCs)

2. kills the germs that produce the odors

3. neutralizes sulfur proteins used by bacteria

DioxiRinse helps remove biofilm and debris and rinsing at the back of the mouth avoids the unpleasant need for tongue scraping. Dioxi Rinse can also be used with a dental irrigating device to remove imbedded debris.

DioxiRinse has a unique effervescing action with a fresh mint taste. Routine rinsing leaves your breath feeling fresh and alive.

What causes Gum Disease?

Bacteria, along with plaque buildup causes gum disease, often called gingivitis in its early stages.  Gum disease affects an estimated 80% of adults, and left untreated, may lead to gum recession, tooth loss (periodontitis), and potentially other health problems.

How Does Gum Disease Lead to Greater Problems?

Surprisingly, “you teeth and gums can hold important clues to overall health.  Studies suggest that people who have gum disease are at higher risk for heart attack and other systemic diseases.  If bacteria in the infected gums dislodge, they enter the bloodstream, and attach to plaque in the arteries.

Of further interest, especially for the elderly, “an association between oral conditions such as periodontal disease and Respiratory Diseases has been noted.  Recent evidence has suggested a central role for the oral cavity in respiratory infection.  The teeth may serve as a reservoir for respiratory pathogens, and oral bacteria can be aspirated into the lungs to causes pneumonia.

Why 2 Parts?

Dioxicare is a 2-part system, which when mixed, produces a bland of several oxidants, including chlorine dioxide.  This combination deactivates germs and neutralizes unpleasant odors.  Once activated, chlorine dioxide (gas) dissipates over time.  DioxiRinse therefore, is supplied in tow parts, combined just before use to assure freshness and effectiveness.

“Active” vs “Stabilized” Chlorine Dioxide

Some products make claim to "stabilized" chlorine dioxide.  However, analysis shows that there is little or no chlorine dioxide present in these formulas.  What they consist of is sodium chlorite, which does not have the efficacy of active chlorine dioxide, the primary ingredient in DioxiRinse Mouthwash.

Features of DioxiRinse

  • DioxiRinse works faster and more completely than any other rinse at eliminating microbes.
  • Without microbes there would be no gum disease and no mouth odor
  • Instantly eliminates bad breath
  • Unique effervescing formula penetrates and invigorates mouth and gums
  • Helps remove stains on teeth
  • Loosens biofilm on teeth and tongue
  • Protects enamel with phosphate
  • Fresh mint taste
  • Gentle enough to use every day
  • With the help of menthol, soothes and alleviates mouth irritations caused by extractions, injury or braces
  • An excellent gargle to soothe colds and sore throats
  • Keeps toothbrush fresh and germ-free
  • For best results use with DioxiBrite Toothpaste

 For your better health!

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