June 24, 2024
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We are sending you this message to tell you about the 2014 Swanson Dentistry Healthcare Focus on Early Oral Cancer Detection.  According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, 2013 was the fifth year in a row where an increase in oral cancers was recorded. Currently one person each hour dies of oral cancer.


Because of these staggering facts, we at Swanson Dentistry are dedicated to offering a comprehensive oral cancer exam at every preventive appointment.   We also integrate into our exams a state-of-the-art oral cancer detection technology called the VELscope.


The VELscope is an innovative, painless, inexpensive method of detecting oral cancers invisible to the eye and touch.  It cost you only $15.00 and takes less than one minute to administer.  We want to encourage you to elect this important service.   Detecting oral cancer early, when treatment is more successful and less damaging to your quality of life, is critical. 


If you or your family members don’t have an appointment for your regular dental preventive appointment in the last six months, don’t wait any longer.  Call us for an appointment at 931-728-0469.


 In honor of Oral Health month in February, we are offering all our VELscope services FREE.


For more information on Oral Cancer go to http://oralcancerfoundation.org


Please ask your hygienist any questions you may have about oral cancer.


Thank you,


The Team at Swanson Dentistry


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