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The Dangers Of DIY Teeth Whitening

The widespread desire for whiter teeth in today’s society, combined with internet culture, has given rise to a number of popular do-it-yourself teeth whitening methods. While these might seem like great life-hacks to try, many of them can actually do serious damage to our teeth.

How Nail Biting Affects Your Teeth

You might think that your teeth are much tougher than your fingernails, but over time, nail biting can cause significant damage to both teeth and gums.

The Healthy Way To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

How can you satisfy your sweet tooth without giving your harmful oral bacteria a treat? With healthy snacking!

Medications And Your Oral Health

MEDICAL CONDITIONS ARE something none of us ask for but many of us have.  With having medical problems come medications. Unfortunately, along with medications come side-effects, and these often have a negative impact on oral health.


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