It is my pleasure to assist you with concierge care and an outstanding surgical experience. 

       -Pearl Pedroza 

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Emsella $1000 (RETAIL $2400) 




EMSELLA- 6 series Package ( 2 Sessions twice a week for 3 weeks)





All Laser Hair Packages $2500 Full Body Package. 





Laser Tattoo Removal-45% OFF "Mistakes can be Corrected" 

Small Tattoo(RETAIL $900) Medium Tattoo(RETAIL $1200) Large Tattoo- must be consulted 


See actual patients below:

The Spectrum laser uses "Gold Standard" Q-Switched technology to remove unwanted tattoos. The dual wavelength laser targets specific ink colors. The tattoo ink is then broken down into tiny particles that are small enough so that the body's own natural immune system can flush them away. Unwanted body art can now be eliminated. 




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