May 12, 2021
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   Dear friends and family of Fox Gentle Dentistry, HAPPY SPRING!! We hope it has finally arrived and we celebrate the beginning of a new season. We have been in anticipation and hope of the arrival of Spring for so many months over the long Winter.

   The best definition of "hope" that I have found is this; "to desire something with confident expectation of its fulfillment."

   We have started to see the signs of Spring including robins, the first shoots of crocus, ponds melting, geese and ducks swimming and more hours of daylight to enjoy. We eagerly hope and await for the start of gardening, the sun's warmth on our faces, and outdoor activities with friends and family.

   We have desired Spring and we are confident in our expectation that it will finally come, even after a long, challenging Winter.

   As it can go within our own lives that even when enduring a difficult season, we always have hope and a future if we persevere and have faith. The Winter won't last forever and eventually Spring will be peaking around the corner. We can celebrate a new season. We never tire of the joy of renewed life and new beginnings. Easter renews our hope again and brings us Joy.

   We are happy to have a newly remodeled office to serve you after a long season of construction. Come and visit and celebrate with us, as we have begun our 30th year caring for smiles like yours. We thank you for your presence and for trusting us with your care. We are honored to serve each of you and value your friendships. Celebrate the hope of the season! HAPPY SPRING! HAPPY EASTER!


Dr. Lanae Fox, Carrie, Michele, Sheri & Vica

Fox Gentle Dentistry

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