We hope this email finds you having a great Fall season!
Unfortunately fall can bring misery to millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever). Sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, itchy eyes, nose and throat, or worsening asthma symptoms are common in people with undiagnosed or poorly managed hay fever. The tall goldenrod species of ragweed gets blamed for most of the pollen, but a primary cause of allergy symptoms is the tooth-leaved ragweed that lives low in the grass. 
Proper diagnosis is the first step in managing your symptoms.  Although there is no cure, ragweed allergy can be managed to improve the quality of your life. The best control is to  avoid contact with the pollen. The National Allergy Bureau (NAB) tracks pollen counts regionally to help you plan when you should avoid the outdoors. Talk to Dr. Panuto about medications that may provide you temporary relief from symptoms! 
Having food allergies doesn't mean having to skip all Halloween fun. Follow these tips for a safe holiday: 

Plan food-free Halloween activities, such as costume contests, games and pumpkin carving.

Don't let your food-allergic child trick or treat alone, and always have them carry their epinephrine with them.

Verify that adults or friends with your child understand his or her food allergies and what to do in an emergency.

Be cautious of "fun-size" candy, which may contain different ingredients than regular size candy.

Teach your child how to politely say no to food that may not be safe, especially homemade items such as cookies and cupcakes. 


The best way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated every year. It is important to get the current shot because it is made to provide protection against the most common flu viruses for that year. Stop in to see us to get yours. 
****Flu shots available on a walk-in basis. Please refer to the shot line (216) 539-5960 for available shot hours.****
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