October 2016  
Stephen G. Erickson, DDS




The Sweet Season is Upon Us

The days are getting shorter and colder, which means Sweet Season is about to arrive. Halloween is the unofficial beginning of the annual time of sweets, with the holidays arriving just around the corner.

For children (and adults), the next few months will likely include an increase in the consumption of a variety of sweets -- from candy to fruitcake -- and a higher risk of dental cavities.

SmileMore encourages you to use Halloween as a “teaching moment”; an opportunity to teach kids good dental health habits, including consuming sweets in moderation. Here are some reminders and helpful hints to ensure you and your kids have a healthy, happy, and fun Hallo-day season:

  • Good habits start at home, so make sure you dole out healthier treats. Avoid giving trick-or-treaters sour candies (high in acidity, which erodes tooth enamel), sticky or chewy (which leaves sugars directly on the teeth for prolonged periods) or hard (both a choking hazard for young kids AND can cause tooth damage). Instead, choose healthy snacks including cereal bars, pretzels or granola bars. Even a good, old fashioned chocolate bar is a better option than sour, sticky, or hard candies.
  • Perform the “safety check.” When your child returns from trick-or-treating take a safety check to ensure there are no dangerous items in his or her goody bag. Including your child in this process helps explain the decisions you can both make, and allows them to learn good habits.
  • Limit availability. Let them enjoy candy, but moderation is always key. Consider choosing a few of their favorites and remove the rest.
  • Brush after consuming. Set a specific time of day for candy consumption and then have your child follow up by brushing his or her teeth. Being strategic about consumption lessens their exposure to sugary, acidic treats throughout the day.

Consider following these recommendations throughout the year so your children can develop good dental hygiene habits while still enjoying their treats in moderation. Call us today to schedule an appointment, at 860-646-1535, or visit click here [http://www.smile-more.com/] to visit our website and learn more about our services.


Smile-More Office Happenings-

 Welcome Dr. Erickson and his wife Kathy back to Manchester.  They recently bought a new home and are happy to be back in town.  Nice drive to work!


We wish everyone a fun Halloween.  Be safe out there!



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