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With the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment we wanted to take a moment to remind you of the various appointment types we are now offering. Please choose what works best for you. We strive to give you the best and safest care possible.

I Care Eye Care

Virtual Appointments

Growing exponentially in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, convenient virtual services keep our community safe while providing the quality care of traditional in-person visits.

  • Telehealth Video
    We are able to accept new patients and see existing patients through telehealth visits. These visits use secure video methods so all of your healthcare information is kept private.

  • Phone/Text Virtual Check-in
    A brief (10 mins or less) virtual check-in with your physician. Virtual check-in services are available over the phone or through text.

  • Telephone
    We are also offering services over the phone for those with unreliable internet or simply prefer it.
In-Person Appointments

Officials have notified us that it’s safe to reopen. We believe strongly in erring on the side of caution, so we have implemented the following safety measures for in-person visits.


  • Paperless pre-visit screenings
  • Temperature checks outside upon arrival
  • COVID-19 symptomatic patients will be rescheduled
  • High risk patients asked to use virtual services
  • Past COVID-19 positive patients & staff must show all clear notes before entering

Waiting Room

  • Waiting room is closed to ensure safety
  • Upon arrival patients call/text front desk
  • Patients wait in cars or on socially distant lines


  • Staggered appointments to limit volume & density
  • Only patients & max 1 caregiver are allowed in
  • Office closed to non-staff & patients
  • Social distancing in-office whenever possible
  • Reading materials & toys have been removed

Hygiene & Cleaning

  • Digital check-in tools ~ no clipboards & pens!
  • Contactless payment methods ~ no money!
  • Common areas are cleaned routinely
  • Treatment rooms & equipment cleaned before & after each use
  • Roving staff disinfecting high-touch areas
  • Staff using masks & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Face coverings on patients at all possible times
  • Patients & staff hand-sanitizing at entry, etc.

As the situation changes, so shall we. We appreciate you understanding the changes we have had to make to our business. The health of our patients, staff and community are our main priority.

Please call us at 201-465-2115 or click below to visit us virtually or in-person.

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