As November is TMJ Awareness Month and close to year end, we want to remind you of this disorder and share a few helpful reminders and updates. 

TMJ Awareness Month 

November is National TMJ Awareness Month! If you know of anyone suffering from these symptoms listed below, we are happy to meet them for a consultation.  As a THANK YOU to you for helping us spread the word, you will receive a $95 credit on your account!


What is TMJ Disorder or TMD?

This is a disorder about the articular discs that cover the condyles (top of the jaw bone). When the above symptoms present, the disc is usually displaced and no longer protecting the condyles when a person opens or closes his or her mouth. These little dics are critical in helping a person avoid pain or discomfort in the jaw joint area and in turn the rest of the body. This is the month to pass the word along and help rectify a poorly understood condition. 


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All of us wish you a great rest of the year and

we are honored to have helped you with your journey to a

TMJ symptom free life.

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