StarStarStarStarStar was very pleased with Dr. Shake. He took time w... — Betty M.

was very pleased with Dr. Shake. He took time with me. Also pointed out that I was developing a cataract, and even though I have been vigilant in my eyecare no one else has ever told me that before. Even though this was not "good" news it was something I am glad to know so when the time comes I can have it taken care of. I literally have my eyes checked annually and have since I was eleven years old when I first started wearing glasses and he gave me the most thorough exam I have ever received. I am also very pleased with my glasses in that I can see better out of them, which is the purpose of glasses. The other pair I had I was never able to see this clearly even right after I got them. These bring my vision back more like I remember a few years ago. The only problem with them is they are suppose to change to sunglasses when I get behind the wheel of a car and so far they have failed to do that. Not sure how that will go in future. The staff was also very nice and they were helpful. I asked their opinion on picking out a frame and they were honest with that. Overall it was a good experience!

May 25, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Owensboro Family Eye Care is the best! — Deborah M.

Love Dr. Shake and the staff at Owensboro Family Eye Care. Beautiful office and a friendly, knowledgeable staff.

May 25, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Nolen R.

We love bring our clients here. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

May 25, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Alyssa R.

Good experience and friendly staff

May 24, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar 4 and 1/2 stars ... — Sheila D.

4 and 1/2 stars helpful staff but was told I was covered then charged an amount....... I called and office manager explained the costs.... Understood the charges then and they were kind enough to take off some..........

May 24, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar My experiences with Owensboro Family Eye Care a... — Amanda S.

My experiences with Owensboro Family Eye Care are always exceptional. The entire staff is amazing with adults and children. Everyone is super knowledgeable and very friendly. They all answer your questions and treat you with dignity and respect. They're very helpful. I highly recommend them!

May 22, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar The best of the best! — Amy B.

Every appointment we have had over the last several years has been wonderful. Dr. Horton has followed and treated our twins since they started wearing glasses as infants and her knowledge has always amazed and fascinated me, ever since their first visit! The staff is always warm and helpful. They really go above and beyond to help in any way they can, even when they really don't need to. For that, we are truly grateful. Thank you all for everything you do!!

May 20, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Excellent Staff!! — Amanda S.

I love the friendly & knowledgeable staff at Owensboro Family Eye Care! They are amazing from the moment you walk through the door. No one is ever impatient or rude and they make sure you are given the best service possible. They're also great with kids!

May 20, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Best For Eyecare — Laura W.

Friendly knowledgeable staff.

May 19, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Excellent experience.... — Tonya N.

This is my first visit and found Dr Shake to be very calm, knowledgeable​, and informative. The staff was very helpful and nice. I was comfortable from the time I walked in till the time I left. State of the art office and I will definitely make this the Optometrist I see in the future.

May 18, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Excellent Care — Shannon C.

I've seen Dr. Shake for about 24 years and ALWAYS receive excellent care. The staff are always very polite and helpful as well.

May 15, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Outstanding visit. Staff very efficient & super... — David P.

Outstanding visit. Staff very efficient & super friendly. Dr, Marty Traylor was very informative in all areas concerning my eyes. I am a diabetic

May 9, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Nice — Jeffrey C.

Super friendly and helpful, definitely would recommend.

May 9, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Long Time Client — Heather S.

Truly love the eyeglass selection. Doctors are very helpful.

May 8, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Very professional and helpful!  — Ashley C.

Very professional and helpful!

May 5, 2017

StarStarStarStarNo Star Great service. Very friendly.  — Amber J.

Great service. Very friendly.

May 5, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Have The Ipad Prompt # Pad — Carla G.

When #s are required - if the # pad presented - makes for easier entry

May 5, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Loved The Ipad! — Mackenzie G.

I can type much faster than I write so this was awesome!

May 5, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Eye Exam — Tabitha B.

The staff is always very friendly and helpful! And always love Dr.Shake!!

May 5, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Dorthy B.

Owensboro Family Eye Care is the best place in town for your vision!

May 3, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Patient - Hilary  — Hilary H.

Owensboro Family Eye Card is the best!

May 3, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Professional And Nice — Zachary B.

iPad sign in is a good touch as well

May 1, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar 100% — John V.

Dr Shake. Wonderful attention to detail The Dr I like to see Too Eye dr in Owensboro

Apr 29, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Breanna R.

Very friendly and efficient

Apr 28, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar  — Stanley B.

Fast, efficient services. Thorough exam including two specific eye issue. Very professional.

Apr 27, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Great Care — Mary H.

Always pleased with professionalism

Apr 25, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Rebekah M.

Quick and easy. Staff is super friendly!

Apr 25, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Great people, great service! — Gail N.

Great people, great service!

Apr 21, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Great experience  — Danielle R.

All the staff were so kind and helpful. The Dr, Traylor was also very knowledgeable and fun 😊

Apr 20, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Excellent Care — Melvin B.

Very courteous and professional.

Apr 20, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Spectacular — Amy H.

Always gets u in when needed

Apr 19, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Love Them — Wyatt H.

This son is autistic. They are always gentle, kind, and patient with him.

Apr 19, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Dr. Marty Traylor was a pleasure to work with.... — Jody F.

Dr. Marty Traylor was a pleasure to work with. Very friendly, jovial, and personable. I would recommend this practice to anyone as the kindness flows from the top down. Everyone is very helpful and knows their jobs well. They were able to work effortlessly with VSP, our insurance provider, to provide us with the best eye glasses and eye care. Thank you Owensboro Family Eye Care, we will be back again next year! The Fedor Family

Apr 15, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Definitely Recommend — Katrina H.

Everyone is sweet and helpful! They all are exceptionally knowledgeable and thorough.

Apr 14, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar This is a great place to get your eyes check th... — Robert W.

This is a great place to get your eyes check the doc showed everything during the process of checking my eyes which has never happened before. Was very happy with everyone I encountered there the staff are top notch just over all great place

Apr 13, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Dana B.

Knowledgable and welcoming staff!

Apr 13, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Kimberly K.

Loved the staff they greeted me very wonderful and made me feel like family! Love the new tablet much better than filling out forms.

Apr 13, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Karen E.

Have been coming here for years and have always had excellent care and service!

Apr 13, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Paula Lantana B.

Excellent doctors and great staff. Always very prompt, courteous, and efficient.

Apr 10, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar My experience.  — Donna R.

The people at the office are some of the nices people I've ever dealt with. I couldn't find my keys and they helped me look until I found them. Dr. Shake is very nice and considerate. The office has a wonderful atmosphere.

Apr 8, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Bonnie R.

Awesome place friendly people

Apr 8, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Excellent — Debra S.

Always comfortable and enjoyable service.

Apr 6, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Review for Owensboro Family Eye Care — Martha M.

This is my first visit. I was recommended here by a friend. I don't know how I will like it here!!

Apr 6, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Lcorn — Larry C.

Always very nice and professional. Now they have added latest tech to improve patient outcomes and experience

Apr 6, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Wish It Was Different — Marcie B.

I don't appreciate being hung up on or having a ten minute wait time for me and an hour and a half wait time for you last time. I love my Dr. And his care but this was too much today. No apologies for last time just oh well. Some staff can be very sweet and others can be short with you.

Apr 6, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Good Place — Charles S.

Always served my needs very well.

Apr 5, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Awesomeness — Holly W.

Was very easy to use and was quick.

Apr 4, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar  — Sandy B.

great job everyone was very nice friendly and helpful

Apr 4, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Patient — Amy M.

Love the new technology! Much easier and friendly staff!

Apr 4, 2017

StarStarStarStarStar Satisfied Family — Laylonni D.

They treated my whole family very well.

Apr 3, 2017